Language courses

English language course

18.7.2016. – 29.7.2016.

Croatian language course

18.7.2016. – 29.7.2016.

German language course

18.7.2016. – 29.7.2016.

Italian language course

18.7.2016. – 29.7.2016.
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Welcome to Dubrovnik Language School “Queen Mary”!

Fired up with love towards language education we have managed to achieve our longtime vision by creating a unique language learning experience! For years we have been planning and tuning our language school concept to perfection to provide an ideal combination of usefull and enjoyable. Finally, we have created the ideal learning conditions in the city bathed in sunshine, on the shores rich with islands and beautiful bays and beaches...
Our students have a freedom to choose either to learn a language in our newly built school looking at the famous walls of the fascinating old town of Dubrovnik! Or, they have a choice to learn a language onboard our sailing ship that cruises along the amazing coast of southern Croatia with it’s more than 1200 islands!

Vidimo se u Dubrovniku!” – See you in Dubrovnik!


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Filip 14, Warsaw, Poland

Dubrovnik Language School – campus

Luna, 17, Brussels, Belgium

Cora, 15, Wien, Austria

Dubrovnik Language School – testimonials Croatian

Petra, 14, Brussels, Belgium

WHAT WE OFFER – More than language learning

Our offer

We offer language courses for English, German, Italian, French and Croatian language, as well as for any other language according to your requests. Although we use the term ''course'' , it is' 'too simple' word for the circled, integrated, multilayered and experienced educational process that we design, implement, evaluate and improve day by day,..

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