About Us

“Passion for language education and enthusiasm in work enabled us to achieve the vision that was planned and developed by investing a lot of knowledge, time and effort! Today we can proudly say that we have succeeded in creating a unique experience of learning a foreign languages, which is based on integrative, innovative and experiential education concept. This created ideal conditions for intertwining the pleasant and practical; because useful becomes pleasant and vice versa. Our learners can choose between learning the language in a newly built school with a view on the old town of Dubrovnik or learning on a sailing boat sailing among shores and islands of the Adriatic.

But the story doesn’t end here … because our inspiration is not dried up yet, nor have we stopped to enjoy the visionary daydreaming; and how youthful freshness of ideas completely thrills us and the energy of youthful enthusiasm motivates us, we want to give our contribution in making the perspective for young people. Our idea is to create a new economic branch in Croatia, which respects the nature, esteems abilities and work, enthusiastically accepts innovation, and activates youth through competences that are provided to them through an excellent education! In this way – through an innovative, ecological, linguistic program – we want to create jobs especially for young people who may be the only generators of social progress.

In order to accomplish the goal of affirmation and empowering young people, in language education we have included native speakers of teaching languages, who are primarily people with the knowledge, understanding and sensibility for young people. With them learning is not torture, but a source of satisfaction. Materials are not collections of dry and empty facts and rules, but thoughtfully written pedagogical literature designed to stimulate interest among young people and to encourage them to express themselves.

So along with changes in your childrens knowledge and skills:

  • Improvement in listening with comprehension and writing
  • Development of written and verbal expression
  • Vocabulary enlargement

you can also expect:

  • Increasing of self-confidence (overcoming the fear of mistakes and more freely expression of their thoughts)
  • The development of positive self-image (positive attitude toward its own abilities)
  • Increased curiosity and motivation for language learning.

Julie, Sandra, Tomislav and Tim Our team: Julie, Sandra, Tomislav and Tim