Our Mission

United Colors of Knowledge
The geopolitical picture of the world maybe teaches us that there are borders – lines that define the territory of states, fetter the movement and suggest divisions, but the education knows no borders, the circulation of knowledge and ideas do not need neither a passport nor visa, their flow will not be stopped at any frontier. The power of knowledge is not in seperation, but in binding- of different cultures, nations, language groups … because knowledge erases boundaries and establishes relationships. Exactly because we experience knowledge as an instrument of unification, the radius of our interest and action is getting wider, and with our educational concept we are trying to include participants from around the world.

Dubrovnik Language school ” Queen Mary ” has set the direction of its development for year 2015. and the forward movement on that direction by now is very successful! We are at best direction to fully articulate the international identity of our educational community and to become recognized by the commitment to create the learning conditions with international foretoken!

The Universal Language of Quality
Our mission: To improve the quality of language education by providing full, integral and reliable service. Qualitative complexity of our language courses, which appears as a simple, stimulating and motivating approach at the organizational level, promotes educational performance and professional development of students all around the world. Quality is an universal language we speak while we learn different languages!

The development and the philosophy of our school may be expressed through following 3 goals:

  1. Construction of a culture of personalized approach to each student – a special and adjusted approach to each individuality that enriches our work and expands our horizons with its uniqueness
  2. Providing individual and regular feedback to each student – quality, specific and prompt information about progress in the language skills development, in order the final outcome would be the best possible
  3. Gradually growing into a regional leader in language education – to become leaders of future of the language education in this part of the world and symbol of quality and reliable service

Our Vision: To become recognized as a regional leader in language education with a reputation of providing full, integrated and reliable service that provides educational profit to all participants: students, parents, teachers and businesses. We are good at what we do and we want to show it and prove it!
We want to earn the trust of our students,
we want them to come back because they are sure in the value of the service we provide;
we want to contribute to the development and strengthening of the knowledge based-society and knowledge-based economy;
we want to encourage change;
we want to push the limits of the convencional… so why not start from the transformation of negative meaning connotation of phrase ”big mouth” into a more positive one.

The eternal quest, constant growth, never-ending cognition …
We’re going to attain the reputation of quality and reliable regional leader of international educational trends by cultivating the spirit of constant innovation and progress. In our business community we encourage diverse thinking because it brings changes and allows the development; we support diversity because they expand and enrich perspectives; we stimulate ideas making processes in order to create new methods, techniques and approaches because it is the only way we can ensure education in the true sense of the word – education as constant search for more perfect ways of cognition.

Passion – the Fuel That Runs the Engine of Language Education
Our values: Passion for linguistic education brought our school into existence and the same passionate spirit full of enthusiasm, zest and idealism continues to define it and direct it, as well as ensure the fruits of quality, innovation and progress.
Next 5 guiding principles best express our core values:

  1. The creation of diverse and stimulating learning environment based on equality and mutual respect – in which participants develop their language competence and learn with pleasure, and professors create an educational environment with joy and guide language development with passion; in which there is no hierarchy, but only the division of roles, where doesn’t rule authority, but equality, in which the ” positive ” atmosphere is not maintained with ”threatening outcomes” (rewards and punishments) and distanced cold strictness, but with regard, respect, group cohesion and culture of dialogue.
  2. The implementation of the highest standards of excellence in education and leisure activities – a combination of persistent, fulfilling work and relaxing, well-deserved vacation is a recipe that satisfies the human need for meaningful and purposeful activity as well as for pleasure, companionship and entertainment.
  3. Development of enthusiasm and satisfaction among students – learning is a source of happiness, with a different approach we bind learning with positive feelings and thus we create a assumption for lifelong learning.
  4. The respect of culture and customs of every nations and contribute to educational, social and economic development of every country in the world – the acceptance of diversity promotes understanding → understanding encourages cooperation → cooperation allows the circulation of ideas, knowledge and innovation → circulation of ideas and knowledge innovation leads to progress and development.
  5. Fostering a culture that stimulates and develops individual creativity and it is based on the values of teamwork, and which is characterized by mutual trust and respect – optimal learning takes place in a community that respects individuality within the framework of the group because a team culture of dialogue, discussion and positive conflict in thinking stimulates creative cognitive development of individuals.

Julie, Sandra, Tomislav and Tim Our team: Tina, Tim, Sandra, Tomislav