Language school

Language school is located in a Mediterranean environment of the ” Villa Gloriet ” center, which overlooks the old town of Dubrovnik. Here are the rooms for accommodation of learners, classrooms for the teaching, kitchen and sport gym.

Forget on the ”ex cathedra” mode in which authoritative teacher is dominant, here all participants are active and involved because lecture-based teaching is complemented with language games, teamwork, discussions and many other forms of active teaching.
Since the entire educational concept is based on the balance of work and free time, that is on the interweaving of pleasant and useful, class lasts 4 hours per day, which leaves plenty of time for walking, organized tours, beach and all other activities of your own choice. In the working part of the day, top professors, who are also native speakers of the language, will guide the development of your language skills by using innovative and modern methods of teaching and learning; in free part of the day you’ll be refreshing your selves by enjoying the natural and cultural beauty of the location or other activities of your choice.

The term classroom we use only because it is conventional expression, they are actually creation-rooms, building-room, training-rooms, playing-rooms and working-rooms. Because learning in them is not dull memorizing of facts and rules, but making logical connections, building lasting knowledge and practicing the language in sense of live conversational skills. These are areas in which we use mind and imagination, ”we play unrealistically with the realistically”, but during all this – we’re always working hard!

Learning materials
For more quality and easier learning we have prepared specially designed materials, but also the classical canonical literature required for learning of a foreign language. In addition to professional theoretical literature, dictionaries, and grammar that will be available to you, we have prepared a special, adjusted and entertaining materials that stimulate the understanding of the content and motivation for learning!”

Participants of language school are located in the ”Villa Gloriet” center, in which the atmosphere of the Mediterranean ambiance is coupled with modern functionality and commotion of the space. Rooms are bright, cozy and comfortable, and in every are two or three beds. For the participants the full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) has been insured, and at their disposal they have a recreation gym.